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High Quality Concrete Cutting and Texturing

We offer a range of professional concrete services.

When it comes to concrete services for construction sites, including coring, cutting and cleaning, it’s important that the task is handled safely and with minimal mess. Other services can create excessive dust and leave a mess as a result, meaning there’s a greater clean up, with unnecessary disruptions for your other operations.


Concrete services available:

  • Cutting – Vacit is equipped to cut concrete efficiently for our clients using an industrial strength saw. We can cut to any specifications and for a range of applications. Speak with us to discuss your exact cutting requirements.
  • Coring – if you’re seeking a coring service for construction and other industrial sites that is capable of boring holes into building foundations or walls, we’re the team for the job. We use a coring machine equipped with water injection for cooling and anchor it to the concrete surface for a fast and efficient result.
  • Grooving – whether you need non-slip concrete for construction sites or residential purposes, we use a process called grooving to ensure the surface remains clear of built up water. Cutting a series of shallow, parallel grooves into the surface, the process allows for water to drain away so as to not gather in a puddle and reduce traction
  • Texturing – our specialty team comes equipped with abrasive blasting equipment suited for texturing concrete surfaces with decorative patterns
  • Hydro demolition/debris removal – using our ultra-high pressure water blasting equipment, we can break apart both deteriorated and sound concrete surfaces. This service can be utilised for surface restoration projects, where sections of unsound concrete need to be replaced for structural integrity.
  • Formwork clean-ups – our high pressure blasting and vacuum equipment can effectively and quickly clean formwork of mud and water after heavy rain.

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