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Ground Penetrating Services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast


Ground penetrating radars are an imaging technique used to view objects, voids, cracks and all activity present under a surface before work begins. It can be used on rock, soil, pavements and many other structures and natural materials. When you require safe and fast excavation, blasting or vacuum service, speak with the experts at Vacit. We work in northern NSW and throughout Queensland, including Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our ground penetrating services are an excellent first step in many industrial projects and are available at any time, every day.

What Are the Benefits of Ground Penetrating Services?

There are multiple benefits to beginning your project with ground penetrating services. First, you can check for disturbances underground such as water leaks. Second, a ground penetrating radar is helpful for identifying underground utilities. Ground penetrating radars are also the only current method that can pick up on non-conductive utilities like plastic conduits or concrete storm and sanitary sewers. We use them frequently as part of our non-invasive excavation services including vacuum excavations and electrical service locations. Non-invasive techniques are the safest and most efficient method as they prevent you from damaging lines and utilities and allow you to begin work with precision. Vacit are a rapidly expanding Australian company who can also assist with any vacuum loading and abrasive blasting services you may require. Speak to our team for more information on our services throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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Since 2012, Vacit have been providing exceptional industrial services from ground penetrating radar to vacuum loading. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout Queensland, including Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and in northern NSW. Our promises are to get the job done faster, to save you money and to complete quality jobs where others have failed. We use custom-built machinery that is frequently improved to ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency on the job. Call us on 0439 761 096 if you’d like to know more about our services.