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Professional Abrasive Blasting in Brisbane and Gold Coast

At Vacit we offer a different approach to abrasive or sand blasting to what is usually available on the market.


Our abrasive blasting system uses high pressure water (5000psi) and crushed glass to blast surfaces clean of debris, rust or coatings. This system is significantly quieter than any other system and creates no dust. This system also has the dual benefit of cooling the surface as it is being blasted, which prevents the material from warping.


The competitive difference that sets our service apart

Our service also includes a vacuum unit for cleaning up during the job which is included in the cost. Overall, our superior approach provides an blasting service which also includes a full clean up, produces less noise and no dust. Not only that, but all of this can cost less than half the amount of conventional abrasive blasting and clean up.


We offer our customers a quicker more efficient result, cleaning up everything ourselves with our industrial strength vacuum for your convenience. Whilst you have us around, why not get our team to clean out your drains or offer our other industrial services. Our experienced professionals have the industry knowledge to complete a range of cleaning services at affordable prices.


Some of the applications of this system include;

  • Expose Concrete Aggregate
  • Create Decorative Effects, Patterns And Logos On Concrete Surfaces
  • Restoring Tiles And Pavers
  • Creating Non Slip Surfaces
  • Removing Paint,Rust And Corrosion
  • Removing Anti-Foul From Boats And Marine Structures
  • Restoration And Cleaning Of Cars Or Industrial Machinery
  • Restoration Or Masonry And Brickwork
  • Removal Of Mould, Soot, Grease And Oil Stains
  • Graffiti Removal


How can we help you?


There are many more surfaces that we can blast or high pressure water blast to achieve a high quality finish. Call us today to discuss how we can create an industrial solution for you or enquire about our other premium services