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Professional Vacuum Loading Services in Brisbane and Gold Coast

If you require the safe and rapid removal of industrial or residential waste, Vacit has the superior equipment and experienced team to handle your project. Our industrial strength vacuum systems are capable of removing large quantities of debris from construction, industrial, commercial and residential sites. Our services are available throughout Queensland, including Brisbane and the Gold Coast.



What we can dispose of


We can vacuum both wet and dry materials and dispose of all waste for your convenience. Our vacuum trucks make the removal process quick and painless, allowing us to come to you and take away all waste materials once we’re done.


Vacuum loading is also inclusive with our high pressure water blasting services and is effective in removing all liquid waste and other mess after the job is completed – leaving no mess behind for you.



We provide more than just vacuum loading services

We offer a full suite of blasting and cleaning services and can also assist with our concrete scanning , jet roddingabrasive blasting and more. Whether you require our quality vacuum loading services for emptying a residential septic tank, removing rubble from hydro-demolitions or liquid waste disposal, we are equipped to do it all. We even use ground penetrating radars to check the area first and ensure safety and efficiency on the job. All our quality services are available to customers across northern NSW and Queensland, including Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


Our services are especially beneficial for large industrial companies who require the scheduled and continuous safe disposal of hazardous waste. For an all in one package that offers a range of industrial solutions with a minimal impact on the environment, we are the team for you.


Contact us for Vacuum Loading in Brisbane and Gold Coast


Since 2012, Vacit has been providing quality vacuum loading and blasting services using our own custom built equipment. Our machinery is constantly improved and combines multiple services in the one unit which saves on labour needed to complete the job. Our guarantees are for a faster, more affordable job and to get the job done where others cannot.


If you have any questions regarding our vacuum removal services, or to enquire after a free quote, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0419 761 096 today. We’re happy to help with any queries and can offer you advice as to the best service to meet your needs.