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Queensland’s Trusted Provider of High Pressure Water Blasting

Water blasting provides an effective and environmentally viable solution for cleaning and surface preparation. More than that, it can also be used at much higher pressure levels for hydro demolition and concrete removal. Vacit offers a superior ultra-high pressure blasting service for a number of residential, commercial and industrial purposes.



Achieve a superior clean with water blasting

For all cleaning purposes and surface preparation, our industrial strength equipment can propel concentrated jets of water up to 5000 PSI to remove coatings of rust, paint, sealants and grime. We have the industrial strength equipment and industry knowledge to clean everything, from drains and pipes, septic tanks, roads and concrete surfaces.



Hydro demolition made easy

We are also capable of using our water jetting equipment for concrete removal, demolitions, excavation and tube cleaning. Our ultra-high pressure blasting is propelled at over 15,000 PSI to break up materials and allow for easy removal with our vacuum loading.



Complete waste and liquid removal

Our unique point of difference is our vacuum loading and waste disposal capabilities. We have the equipment to lift all liquid waste and concrete debris after we finish our abrasive blasting, pressure cleaning or hydro demolition. We then dispose of all waste material to leave you with a completely clean worksite. We also have the equipment to offer a number of other concrete scaning services such as cutting and coring.


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So for a quicker and easier service that can be conducted for both industrial and residential applications, call Vacit today on 0419 761 096.