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Queensland’s Industrial Solutions Provider

Vacit is able to offer a wide range of industrial solutions that complement each other and provide a cost effective 'one stop shop' for all your industrial service needs. We have extensive experience offering solutions to a variety of industries and are equipped to offer you a suite of different services.



A cleaner and more efficient alternative

Using our high velocity and deep suction vacuum trucks, we are able to vacuum load both wet and dry materials and dispose of these products in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We strive to provide a superior service that provides industries with maximum convenience, ensuring there is minimal mess and noise, whilst completing your task quickly. We offer a professional service for industries wishing to dispose of their liquid waste in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.


Some of the other services we provide include drain cleaning, high pressure abrasive blasting, water blasting and Vacuum Excavation. No matter the size of the task, our team has the specialised equipment and specialised qualifications to offer consistently high results.



Areas our services can benefit you

Vacit can provide waste removal, industrial maintenance and clean up solutions for;

  • Concrete Slurries
  • Industrial Process Cuttings
  • Drilling And Boring Cuttings/Mud
  • Liquid, Sludge And Powder Spills
  • Conveyer Cleaning Services
  • Tank And Silo Clean Outs
  • Drainage Pit And Sump Cleanout
  • Wash Bay Cleanout
  • Concrete Washout Cleanout
  • And many more


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Whichever quality service you require, call us today on 0439 761 096 to discuss how we can assist you with our industrial solutions.