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Brisbane’s Best Provider of Superior Hydro Excavation Services

Call on the services of Vacit. With years of experience within the industry, we specialise in the safe and non-destructive removal of material around underground service lines. We operate in all areas of south east Queensland and can provide our expert team for those in Brisbane, Gold Coast and beyond. We allow our clients to visually locate services so that they can conduct their civil or construction work with ease.

What our excavation services can offer you

Otherwise known as vacuum excavation, this method is a safe and effective alternative to using heavy machinery. It is the process by which pressurised water and a vacuum system work together to remove soil cover and excavate around water and gas lines. It involves a high pressure water jet cutting into the ground, as our vacuum excavating technology removes both water and soil from the site.


Non-destructive, and significantly reducing the risk posed to the site during excavation, hydro methods have quickly become the preferred method for the visual location of services. We carry out every solution with precision, and can target a specific area without disturbing or causing any damage to the remaining infrastructure.


As professional hydro excavation contractors, we can work:

  • In and around pipes and cables to visually locate service lines running in multiple directions
  • Under buildings, roads, footpaths and driveways
  • To exact size and shape specifications.

Our technology also allows us to work from a distance – over 150m without any loss of suction or a reduction of speed. We utilise only the most powerful units, containing more space for debris and using less water than our competitors.


Why call on Vacit for hydro vac truck services?

All of our team members are highly qualified and claim years of experience in the industry. We are known and reliable across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the surrounding areas of south east Queensland. Without a doubt, we are widely trusted as the most reliable service for hydro excavation in the region.


What’s more – our services are available for hire twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. How’s that for customer service? We can offer you abrasive blasting and more.


For more information on our electronic service locations, and hydro excavation services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, give us a call today. Our team are always happy to help!