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Vacit is a rapidly expanding Vacuum and Blasting Services Company based in South East Queensland. Our service area includes all of Queensland and northern New South Wales but we are always ready to travel further than this if required.


Vacit’s equipment is custom built and continually refined creating the most efficient, capable and adaptable equipment available on the market. By combining powerful vacuum, abrasive blasting, high-pressure water blasting, concrete cutting equipment and electronic locations equipment into one machine we provide an efficient and adaptable service, saving the customer both time and money whilst maintaining the highest quality.



We give all customers these guarantees


- Vacit vacuum excavate faster

- Vacit will save you money

- Vacit will get the job done where others cannot


Vacit is a rapidly expanding Vacuum and Blasting Services business based in South East Queensland established in 2012.Vacit provides a superior vacuum and Blasting service to the Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast areas although equipped and ready to mobilise anytime Australia wide.



What Makes Vacit Different


Our main goal at Vacit is to save our customers money and time while keeping the highest standard of quality. This allows us to retain a quality customer base who demands the most effective and efficient service available.


We achieve an unmatched standard of efficiency, cost and time effectiveness due to our adaptable machinery and staff. We offer substantially faster vacuum excavation and a cheaper hourly rate for a comparably sized unit.


Our larger debris carrying capacity and larger fresh water stores mean more time excavating or vacuum loading and less time dumping debris and filling water.


Our powerful suction means less hose blockages, less water used to excavate and excavation or vacuum loading from further away from the truck.


Our custom designed machinery that is constantly developed and improved allows us to provide a more efficient service for our customers by providing multiple services from one machine and requiring less labour to complete a job.


Our specialised abrasive blasting provides a dust-less, quiet and less damaging blasting service. This is combined with vacuum recovery and disposal makes our service complete start to finish.


We also provide a smaller truck options at reduced cost for small jobs where extremely powerful vacuum and large debris carrying are not required