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Call on our team of Underground Service Locators in Brisbane, Gold Coast and across Queensland

Dig with confidence. The team at Vacit provide a range of efficient, adaptable and cost efficient solutions for electronic utility location vacuum excavation, material removal and underground digging.

What is this, and why should I get on board?

Our team of underground service locators will work to identify underground lines, prior to commencing any digging or excavation measures. Knowing the location of underground utilities is a crucial first step of any project: not only will it help you to protect against unnecessary damage or injury, but it will ensure that you are able to carry out as precise a job as possible. Such action will also ensure that you carry out any work in a manner that is both safe and cost effective for your employees, your client and the job site/property.

We offer a range of services to our clients

The team at Vacit utilise the latest technology, to ensure that underground electronic location is carried out with ease, and to the best possible standard. We proudly claim the most efficient, adaptable and capable equipment in the industry, and we guarantee to get the job done quickly, effectively and in a manner that will save you money.

We are proud to claim years of experience in the industry, and possess extensive knowledge regarding underground infrastructure. Plus, the quality of our work is well known across the industry, and we are held in high esteem across the region. No wonder we are widely regarded as the most reliable team of underground service locators in Brisbane and the surrounding areas of Queensland.

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For more information on our solutions for electronic service location, vacuum excavation, hydro excavation in Brisbane and beyond, give us a call today. Our experienced team are always happy to answer any questions you may have. What’s more – we are able to offer our services twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Why not get in touch today?